Design & PHP Development

As the in-house designer and Drupal themer for Illumeo, an on-demand video training platform, Kevin’s fingerprints are all over this website, which he made mobile-responsive.

Organization: Illumeo

Home Page and Other Upper-level Marketing Pages

Design Problems Addressed: Quickly communicate Illumeo’s benefits and features, addressing the needs of four key segments: Finance, HR, Marketing and Sales. Ensure all pages are accessible by mobile device and remain effective.

Measuring Success: User acquisition and retention metrics.

Process: Marketing structure was proposed by the CMO with CEO oversight. There would be quite a few pages to make appeals to a number of different potential audiences. The CMO provided original content. Kevin wireframed new header navigation structure and a few sample pages, then produced prototype pages and and iterated on feedback from the CEO, CTO and CMO, then shipped the final products on the site, over 24 separate marketing pages. Yes he did suggest fewer might be better.

Results: Executive leadership was well satisfied by the initiative, and gathered positive feedback from board members and user representatives, especially on the mobile versions.

Illumeo Home Page Desktop
The Illumeo Home Page viewed on desktop (click to view full-length screen)
Illumeo Home Page Mobile
The Illumeo Home Page viewed on mobile (click to view full-length screen)

Design & Development of Course Pages

Design & Development of Assessment Tool

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