Stanford Medicine Redesign 1.0

In 2007 as Lead Web Designer, Kevin implemented a redesign of all Stanford School of Medicine sites. There were hundreds of individual sites, some with custom builds costing as much as $10,000, but most in a frames-based format. Here are some samples from before the redesign to give a sense of what we were dealing with (click each to view larger).

Home page before Kevin
Home page before Kevin
Frames design
This is a typical example of the standard frames design, before Kevin
This is another typical frames design, before Kevin

Kevin worked with a local design firm to develop a new design that he would go on to implement in about 250 websites. In addition to the design work, Kevin developed an innovative technology solution for building and maintaining multiple sites and brands, within a consistent branding infrastructure, bringing consistency and elevating quality. The hospital was using Interwoven TeamSite, and adoption by the school was projected to cost approximately $1M to install, and additional thousands to maintain. Kevin’s solution used a simple combination of server-side includes, root referencing, and provision of a common root resource folder under every participating domain. This system, which saved the school an estimated $3M, would power Stanford Medicine sites, eventually more than 600, for over 10 years (they now use Drupal).

Here is the redesigned main Home page for the school, implemented by Kevin
This is a typical example of a department site after the redesign by Kevin
Here is another redesigned department site


To learn more, see Stanford Medicine Redesign 2.0 & 2.1.