Flexibility by Design

In startup, it’s whatever is needed, like booklet illustration and design for live corporate finance conferences, five of which were held over Kevin’s five years at Proformative.

Book cover design, CFO Dimensions conference
Cover of CFO Dimensions 2015 conference in New York. (click to view larger)
CFO Dimensions 2012 Conference Book
Booklet for first CFO Dimensions conference, featuring a die-cut shape and cover opening to reveal the logo inside.

Design Problems Addressed: Provide brand support for the sub-branded CFO Dimensions and ProformaTech corporate finance and corporate finance technology conferences, promote registration and attendance, provide an engaging experience at the conferences, and facilitate attendee consumption of conference content.

Measuring Success: Solid registration numbers, follow-through attendance, and evidence of attendee engagement would be good measures of success for this project.

Process: In advance of each conference, Proformative engaged and analyzed attendees of live webinars and users of site Q&A features to determine optimal subjects of interest to the target audience. Kevin developed creative briefs for conference web site design and imagery, to be coordinated with booklet design and signage. After collecting feedback from the conference production team, he produced mobile-responsive sub websites, conference booklets, conference signage and PowerPoint template design.

Results: Each of the five events was well-attended, meeting or exceeding goals for Proformative and sponsors. Attendees reported high levels of satisfaction with the content and presentation of the conference sessions. Several attendees praised the conference booklets and presentation designs without prompting at each conference.