Lost in ArtSpace

The project was originally going to be called “NASA Cultural Convergence,” and Kevin’s first contribution was to help re-brand the site as ArtSpace. He designed the typographic main feature art, using NASA-related artworks, developed the site’s structure, produced the initial site proof of concept, including the first 20 pages, and taught the members of the New Media Innovation Team how to produce additional pages using the NASA custom CMS, which Kevin learned in just 2 days.

NASA ArtSpace screen shots

ArtSpace - Home Page screen capture
The was the ArtSpace home page, as deployed. (click to view larger)
ArtSpace - Category Page screen capture
This is an example of a category page for ArtSpace. (click to view larger)
ArtSpace - Detail Page screen capture
This is an ArtSpace detail page about NASA artist Tim Gagnon. (click to view larger)
ArtSpace - About the Logo screen capture
In addition to the initial CMS work, Kevin created the ArtSpace logo. (click to view larger)

NASA Quantum Technologies Conference screen shots

This site is still available. https://quantum.nasa.gov/

Quantum conference mobile responsive site, wide - screen capture
Although this was a quick add-on project, for a NASA quantum technologies conference, it was one of Kevin’s (and NASA’s) first mobile-responsive designs. (click to view larger)
Quantum conference mobile responsive site, narrow - screen capture
This just demonstrates the narrow view of the NASA Quantum conference site. Find the link above to see for yourself. (click to view larger)